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PRP is a concentrated plasma of blood including platelets, growth factors, leukocytes, and cytokines. PRP hair treatment helps to prevent hair loss and strengthen weakening hair. All our patients are getting PRP treatment at postoperative period.
PRP procedure takes 45 minutes and it is performed in hospital. Process begins with collecting blood from patient and continues by spinning the blood sample in a centrifuge to separate the platelet-rich plasma from the other components of whole blood.

What Do Platelets Do?
Platelets, also known as platelets, are blood components that contain the "growth factors" necessary for the repair of damaged tissues in our body and their return to their natural state. The essence of PRP is based on increasing the natural healing capacity of the skin with one's own growth factors. In PRP application, much more platelets are given to the damaged tissue than can be carried by the blood circulation. For this purpose, it has been used successfully for years in dental implants, orthopedic interventions and non-healing wound treatments. Considering its mechanism of action and mentioned application areas, it is thought that it can be used to reduce and delay skin aging and to reduce scars on the skin.
What are the Uses and Benefits of PRP?
PRP is used in non-healing wounds, orthopedic problems, vascular problems, dentistry and for aesthetic purposes. Use in Dermatology
PRP treatment is used in the treatment of wrinkles, blemishes, acne and scars and skin cracks. After the application, a decrease in sagging and wrinkle marks is observed. Applying spot treatments such as peeling and laser together with PRP accelerates the treatment process and supports permanent results. It can be applied to all age groups and genders. It cannot be applied in cancer patients, when the platelet count is low. PRP is applied as 3-4 sessions with an interval of 2 weeks. It can be repeated every 10 - 12 months. Application sessions last about 30 minutes on average. It can be given to deep wrinkles like PRP filler, or it can be used as mesotherapy or as a mask.

Since PRP belongs to the patient himself, there is no side effect. Since it is from the person's own blood without the use of a foreign substance, there is no possibility of allergy and other reactions. There may be slight pain and bruising only in the application area due to the injection.

Prevention of Hair Loss
PRP is one of the cosmetic applications used to prevent hair loss. PRP prepared from the person's own blood is injected into the areas where hair loss is experienced. Thanks to the growth factors it contains and the proteins that provide tissue healing, it provides cell regeneration in the areas where the hair is shed.
Is PRP Stem Cell Therapy?
PRP treatment is not a stem cell treatment. PRP treatment increases the number of platelets that start the whole process. Fibrin networks formed in the skin after the application also work with stem cells indirectly by collecting the stem cells in the environment into its own structure. Therefore, when the skin is treated with PRP rich in platelet cells, the repair and regeneration process of the skin is triggered.
How is PRP Obtained?
In PRP treatment, blood is taken from the person and placed in special tubes. Special tubes are placed in the centrifuge device rotating at high speed. The centrifuge device must rotate at a certain speed and time in order to obtain rich plasma from platelet cells.