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FUE Hair Transplant Istanbul Turkey


The FUE method is done according to precise norms, so that the hair is taken exactly as it grows from the giving region and inserted into the desired region. New hair is placed extremely precisely in a precisely defined layer of skin and in that way it is possible to achieve the maximum density of the transplanted hair.

The surgeon's experience is crucial in order to preserve the nervous and vascular system of the skin and thus provide a good blood supply that is necessary for the success of the procedure, for normal hair growth and achieving maximum density. What is FUE hair transplantation performed with sapphire blades? Technology is changing rapidly with each passing day. This, in turn, paved the way for the development of new, innovative hair transplant techniques as well as hair loss treatments. Hair transplantation has evolved considerably and is currently being transformed into a procedure performed with minimally invasive methods, along with innovations in the instruments used. The FUE method is known as the most advanced hair transplant technique at the moment, guaranteeing natural results. Currently, with the use of special sapphire-tipped devices, the FUE hair transplant technique achieves even higher success rates. Painless, Needle-Free Hair Transplant Procedures Don't Compromise Your Comfort!

Before extracting the hair follicles from the donor area and creating the recipient sites for the transplant process, local anesthesia is applied to the affected areas. During local anesthesia with an injection needle, the active ingredient takes time to numb the scalp if the local anesthesia is administered by skin injection. The pain felt when inserting the needle can naturally cause discomfort to the patient. Nowadays, hair transplantation can be performed painlessly, using special anesthesia instruments without needles. These special tools deliver anesthetic agents under the skin with a pressurized spray system. With the faster anesthesia achieved using a needleless injector, patients feel more comfortable during the procedure.
The liquid jet system, which allows needle-free anesthesia, allows a more balanced and wider distribution of the anesthetic agent in the numbed area and thus increases the effect of anesthesia compared to the application of a local anesthesia with the injection needle. People who have a phobia of needles and are therefore hesitant to undergo hair transplantation can easily undergo this operation using this new technique.