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DHI Hair Transplant Istanbul Turkey


The DHI method is an innovative hair transplant procedure that gives the most natural and successful results. With the DHI method, we achieve a very high hair density, control the direction of hair growth, wounds heal faster and the result is a completely natural look. In the dhi method the process is different, the grafts are implanted directly in the recipient area.
Also, the whole procedure can be performed without shaving the patient's hair. DHI Hair transplant techniques is newest method in hair transplantation . During the DHI technique surgeon is using Choi pen implanter because of what this procedure is also known as Choi method. Difference between FUE and DHI is that you do not need to shave all head and that there is no step of opening micro-channels separately because harvesting hair follicles will be put in Choi pen and implanted directly in recipient site.

In this method, the channels are not opened before the implantation of the hair roots unlike the classic FUE method and the hair is transplanted with special needles called “implanters”. It does not require grooving, so it is possible to implant hair roots between thinning hair. In this way, hair transplantation can be performed without cutting the hair. With the DHI method, the hair roots are implanted to fill in the bald areas between the hairs. This method can be indicated as a hair transplant for women because the implantation of the hair roots on the bald areas between the hairs is possible. Of course, men with similar conditions can benefit from this hair transplant technique.

Application of the DHi method
To better understand how the DHI method is applied, let's briefly talk about the stages of hair transplantation. Hair transplantation consists of 3 steps: the process of collecting grafts, opening micro-channels and implanting hair roots. Unlike other methods, the opening of the micro-channels and the implantation of the grafts in the DHI technique are performed simultaneously. The hair follicles collected during a hair transplant performed with the Choi implanter pen are separated from the tissue pieces and placed one by one into the pen. This placement should be done very carefully and meticulously. In this way, the most natural results of hair transplantation are obtained. Here, the professional assistants who place each hair follicle in the Choi pen give these follicles to the implant doctor.

At this stage, the specialist implants the hair follicles with the most suitable angle which is 40 to 45 degrees. Another important point, in addition to the implant angle, is the implantation of hair follicles in the right direction, i.e. the direction of natural hair growth. After determining the correct implantation angle and direction of the hair roots, the hair is preloaded into the hollow end of the Choi needle and then ejected into channels. In each session, 2-6 Choi pens and an average of 15 Choi implant tips are used. The tips of these pens come in different sizes which are determined based on the thickness and other characteristics of the hair roots of the patient. The Choi hair transplant method naturally has several advantages and disadvantages compared to the FUE method. Let's start by listing the benefits indicated by DHI hair transplant experts: Minimizes the residence time of the hair follicles outside the tissues and ensures a healthier implantation.